Roadhouse Music Note: Mississippi MacDonald and Vaneese Thomas join souls in new(ish) single, “Blind Leading the Blind”

I don’t usually write about singles. They are often quite good, and sometimes illustrate the best tracks to come on a new album.

But there are just too many. I can barely keep up with new albums.

But every once in a while, something comes along that demands my attention. This, as if you couldn’t tell, is one of those times.

Last December I wrote about “Do Right, Say Right,” an album I enjoyed by the English blues player Mississippi MacDonald that I was hearing for the first time, and whose authentic way with the blues really caught my attention.

Then, last March, I wrote about the stunning and soulful album, “Fight the Good Fight,” by the incredibly voiced Vaneese Thomas.

And about a month ago (I warned you that I can’t keep up), the two of them put their combined blues talents into a soaring single, “Blind Leading the Blind,” that showcases the best of both. Their powerful shared vocals are wrapped around MacDonald’s sinuous guitar, each driving the other in a splendidly soulful session.

One can only hope there’s more to come.

“Blind Leading the Blind”

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