Buddy Guy and Son House featured on a 1968 TV show

More blues history from the vault — or at least from the depths of the world wide web.

Maybe this is newer to me than to some of you, but I thought it was still a striking pair of performances. The film is from an old TV show devoted to the arts called Camera Three, which ran from 1956 to 1980 on CBS and then PBS. This clip is one of the CBS episodes.

In some ways, 1968 doesn’t sound all that long ago. But on the other hand, some of you might not have been born yet. Or, looked at another way, more than a half-century ago. Or, on yet another hand, it was just one year after the Summer of Love. I know you remember that!

The show features a segment by Son House, then 66, and a set by Buddy Guy, then 32. Then, the best moments, a duet between the two — an all-too-brief pairing.

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