Some random music from Curtis Salgado, just for fun

Curtis Salgado is one of my very favorite performers. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show or heard a song by him that wasn’t meticulously crafted, perfectly sung, and packed with feeling. What more can you ask?

How about a new album, “Damage Control,” to be released by Alligator Records Feb. 26? While I was playing the video of one song from the album, “The Longer That I Live,” I ran across a couple of other videos that sound fine, so I put them together here just in case you’re in the mood.

This is Salgado’s ode to Covid, “Pandemic Blues,” from last year:

This is a swinging, bluesy piece, with Delbert McClinton, on a Sandy Beaches Cruise. Remember cruises?

And this is the “Damage Control” preview, “The Longer That I Live.” Very cool moves as well.

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