Roadhouse News: John Németh and his jaw need a little help from his friends

The soulful, bluesy, harp-playing, singer/songwriter dynamo that is John Németh has been one of my favorite performers since I heard his first Blind Pig album, “Magic Touch,” in 2007, interviewed him, and enjoyed his show at the Thunderbird Cafe in Pittsburgh.

John Németh

I was immediately transfixed by the chops of this young blues dude out of Boise, Idaho, and his ability to sound as though he’d just walked out of a smoky Chicago blues joint.

He was a nice guy, too.

Since then, John has spent 15 years making fine music, award-winning music, spreading his talents beyond soulful blues to funkified greasy sounds, with side trips as a full-throated big-band singer.

But all that is now at risk.

John has been diagnosed with an ameloblastoma tumor in his jaw, threatening his health and his livelihood. When his health insurance denied him coverage to go out of network for the best possible treatment, John’s wife Jaki set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for this surgical treatment in June, and, as usual, the blues community has stepped up to help.

I thought I should pass this information along in the Roadhouse, just in case word has not gotten far enough around.

Here’s an interview with John and Jaki on The American Blues Scene that explains the situation in detail.

Here’s their GoFundMe page where you can contribute. In keeping with John’s wicked sense of humor, the page is titled Go Fund John’s Jaw.

John has devoted his life to making music that moves us, that provides profound moments of pleasure in our lives. We should be able to help repay him in this small way.

Here are a couple of samples of John’s great music:

John Nemeth from the ‘Stronger Than Strong’ Album Release Show:

“Blues in My Heart,” one of my favorite songs by John, from 2008:

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