Roadhouse Album Review: Jennifer Lyn & the Groove Revival breathe life into “Gypsy Soul”

Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival — “Gypsy Soul” — J and R Collective

Just to make the rocking theme clear, Jennifer Lyn kicks off this fine little album with the title track, a bluesy rock ‘n’ roll song that would be right at home in any roadhouse worthy of the name. It’s filled with fierce guitar licks, some hot piano, and best of all, Lyn’s tough vocals.

I use the word “little” here not in a musical sense, since the music is actually quite large, but in the sense that this is a five-song EP, a throwback to those olden times when four songs on a 45 made up a mini-album called — an EP.

“Gypsy Soul” is a follow to the band’s Independent Blues Music Award nominated Best Blues Rock Album “Nothing
Holding Me Down.”

Lyn and fellow guitar-wielder Richard Torrance, who together wrote and produced, create a rich, rocking texture, very ably complemented by Jim Anderson (drums), Chris Addison (bass), and Barb Jiskra (keys).

Another rocker, “Low Down Dirty Shame” follows, with some fine harmony on the vocals and dance-floor-friendly beat. “Going Round in Circles” takes a soulful vocal turn wrapped in torchy blues guitar that stings in just the right places. “Give Me All of Your Lovin’” rocks hard again with Lyn’s vocal focused on a guy who might well be hanging at the jukebox in the corner.

The all-too-soon closer is “You Can Take It All,” shifting into sweet, sensuous harmonies and liquid guitar notes. A beautiful ending.

This is a fine “little” gem of an album. The music is a masterful blend of style, substance and songwriting. Lyn’s vocals come alive in front of these crackling musicians. They rock hard in and out of the blues and turn up the heat on the soulful end.

Maybe size doesn’t matter, but I wish there had been a lot more of what is truly a Groove Revival on this session. I guess I’ll just have to play it again.

Here’s a video of the album’s “Low Down Dirty Shame”:


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