“Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” — the soundtrack. And Happy New Year!

The other day, in my previous post, I wrote about the very excellent Netflix movie, “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.”

In mentioning how much I liked the film and its music, scored by Branford Marsalis, I said that if there was a soundtrack album, it would be worth a listen.

Well, there is, and it is.

It’s called “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” It’s available as a CD, mp3 version, or streaming on multiple platforms. It’s on the Milan Records label. Marsalis’ work is simply terrific, capturing the pain and pleasure of Rainey’s music.

If only I had done a little more research, I could have told you then. But I was too excited to tell you how great the film is. So now you know, and you have no excuse not to listen. I’m adding it to my cigar and bourbon rotation, a spot all music aspires to, but very few actually make it..

And, if you pay attention to such things, Happy New Year, 2021. And I take back all my Happy New Years for 2020.

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